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Air Management Technologies is a leading engineering and mechanical contracting organization providing innovative, sustainable, and reliable thermal industrial process solutions worldwide for over twenty-five years. Our team affords you single source responsibility providing a turnkey solution guaranteed to operate as specified within budget. Whether you are seeking waste heat recovery, glycol refrigeration, product conditioning, or industrial ventilation measures, Air Management Technologies has a solution engineered to exceed your expectations. If you are ready to explore our long term solutions which place responsibility in our hands and life cycle cost savings in yours, please contact us to see how we may add value to your facility processes.


Waste Heat Recycling

Have you considered the proverbial “low hanging fruit” may be close as your ovens or oxidizer stacks?   Recovered thermal energy is “recycled” for use with process thermal heating requirements, to generate electricity, or produce low temperature refrigeration.  Lower energy spend, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, shrink carbon footprint, and contribute to your corporate sustainability initiatives with a positive return on investment.

Product Conditioning Systems

Air Management Technologies environmental conditioning system maintains tightly controlled temperature and humidity requirements for your spiral and continuous conveyor systems.  Our cooling systems operate more efficiently than competitors with reduced peak cooling loads of 25-70% in many refrigeration applications. Blast freezers are engineered to minimize refrigerant charges reducing demands on centralized systems and condensing units.  Proofers and retarders are designed to create optimum product conditions without imbalance or stratification.  Product conditioning systems available include conventional, ammonia, absorption, and CO2 hybrid cascade systems.


Central Glycol Refrigeration Systems

Featuring variable speed pumps and automatic flow regulation, Air Management Technologies has developed medium and low temperature glycol refrigeration systems capable of distributing 0f fluid for process end uses such as mixer refrigeration, coolers, and chilled ingredient water systems.  Our design enhances chiller flexibility and optimizes system energy efficiency while retaining ease of maintenance from a centralized loop.  System capabilities may permit conversion of chemical refrigerant equipment to glycol reducing Greenhouse Gas potential inventories and lowering facility carbon footprint.

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Food production facilities require special attention to various facets including occupant comfort, heat stress, air filtration, building pressurization to prevent infiltration of insects, molds and other particulates as well as providing airflow that promotes efficient process equipment operations.  Energy costs associated with these systems can represent a significant hidden portion of annual utility cost and poorly designed systems may add to this expense many times over in additional to food safety, sanitation, and maintenance concerns.  For more information on our industrial ventilation systems or an audit performed at your facility please contact us.


Load Balancing

Large quantities of energy are used in the food production process. Ovens, proofers, ingredient cooling, and sanitation requirements are among the largest consumers of electricity and natural gas. Non-process requirements including facility heating, cooling, and industrial ventilation measures further contribute to energy expenditures and increased carbon footprint.  “Load Balancing” is a term for evaluating these facility demands for thermal and electric energy uses and supplying those requirements utilizing existing waste energy streams.  By identifying and analyzing energy uses facilities may create efficiencies reducing operational cost, shrinking carbon footprint, and lowering facility emissions though load balancing.

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